The very rare word ALIL from the old testament found in an ancient Nuraghe in Sardinia. (Font: Gigi Sanna professor)

(From Gigi professor Sanna Article). In the earthenware found near the Nuraghe Addanas of Cossoine, the word ‘ALIL’, that is ‘Crucible’, is very clearly written in ‘proto-Canaanic characters’. And the fragment of pottery was found in a crucible. If this shard had been found in Lachish, Beth-shemesh, Abasaan, Jerusalem or anywhere in Palestine or Syria it would have been made public through the scientific journals of biblical scholars and archaeologists all over the world. If it had been said, as it is written, that the crucible was ‘for RA light of yh’, multitudes of scholars would have rushed to study that ‘RA’ light of yhwh. Excuse me if it is little: Egyptian and Hebrew in Sardinia! And with us? What do our biblicists say? Our archaeologists? Our historians of religion? Our epigraphers? Nothing. They show with ostentatious contempt that they don’t care. As they do not care about all the writing, museum or not, found in abundance before and after the start of scientific research on nuragic writing. A crazy indifference (I would say like imbeciles) since the shard by Addanas by Cossoine is paired with the shard by Sa Serra ‘e sa fruca di Mogoro (the one lost by Antonello Costa and witnessed now, unfortunately, only in photography ) as the latter also reports, in Ugaritic characters, the entry ‘Log’ (measure for liquids) also mentioned in the Old Testament for the ceremonies and rites of yhwh. That voice, remember, recognized, in all probability as such, by the orientalist Giovanni Pettinato and hidden from the public by the absurd void of any epigraphic-paleographic interpretation. Think about it, words like ‘ALIL and LOG in documents of Nuragic Sardinia, in the Mediterranean West of the Bronze and Early Iron Age, considered to be of zero value. Crazy! But how can you continue like this, with this evil silence that harms not only archeology itself but Sardinia itself as a truly unique reservoir of history? How can you not understand that all the knots, the many knots and knots of nuragic writing, will come to a head? How can you not understand, dear denier archaeologists and really devoid of what you boast, that is the methodical doubt, that the paradigm of the ancient illiterate Sardinians has not only broken for some time but has completely liquefied by virtue of the sensational new acquisitions ? How can we fail to realize that the more time passes, the more ridiculous we are in the eyes of the world? (in annex the shard of Addanas di Cossoine and the shard of Sa serra ‘e sa Fruca di Mogoro) (This article is from professor Gigi Sanna facebook profile)