Sardinians the ancient people, by Nick Barksdale

A video By Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Nick Barksdale, youtube channel

One of the ancient peoples of Europe, the Sardinians hold a special place in the world’s genetic, linguistic, and historical record. This island was claimed in antiquity by the Bell Beaker people, the Ozieri, and the mysterious Nuragic empire with their tremendous towers and structures called nuraghe, some of which are among the oldest surviving structures in the world. More recently, Sardinia was claimed by the Greeks and the Phoenecians, the Romans and Carthaginians, the Vandals and Ostrogoths… The rich history of their unique language, perhaps the only one in Europe related to proto-Basque, and their genetic lineages that preserve Western European Farmer ancestry thousands of years after the rest of Europe had been influenced by steppe haplogroups, make the modern Sards some of the most ancient people we know. To support the channel, become a Patron and make history matter! Patreon:… Donate directly to PayPal: !!!!!!!!!!Above and beyond all — visit this link to the gofundme for the family of our dear departed founder Nick Barksdale!!!!!!!!!!


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